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What We Do

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Workshops for Children and Teens

We facilitate workshops in all public schools on Molokai from pre-school thru 12th grade regarding creating healthy personal boundaries, respect for self and others, consent and permissions, and body autonomy.

Lessons are tailored to be age and culturally appropriate

Parent, Guardian, and Educator Workshops

We provide workshops for adults that care for keiki. Classes are held with parents, teachers, school faculty, grandparents, camp leaders, social services, community members, and faith-based organizations.

Training is provided on topics such as: how to respond to a disclosure, internet safety and trends, mandatory reporting laws, and strategies to help prevent child sexual violence. 

Community Outreach

We partner with volunteers, community groups, and agencies primarily on Molokai and throughout the State to increase access to resources, advocate for needed services, and discuss systemic change, and outreach efforts.

Leadership Development

We partner with student leaders (teens) to become familiar with prevention strategies who then become resources of support with their peers.  

Keiki and Teen Fest (Annual)

MCAPP partners with the Molokai Community Action Team to coordinate Molokai's Annual Keiki Fest and Teen Fest events.

In 2023, we served 957 Keiki & ʻŌpio (629 pre-K thru 6th grade and 328 7th-12th graders)

In 2023, we served 318 Makua, Alaka'i, Kahu, Kumu, and Po'o Kumu 

In 2023, we connected with over 1,000 members of the 'Ohana (from Keiki to Kupuna) and Kaiāulu 

In 2023, we collaborated with 17 emerging Alaka'i

In 2023, collectively, we served 386 keiki, 214 ʻōpio, and 193 makua. 

"Iʻm happy the kids have this...I wished I learned [about healthy relationships] when I was in school, it would've saved me a lot of hurt and trials."


"I am so thankful for all you do for our kids."


"I think it's important to learn this because people are so used to it that they don't even know it is happening."


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