Theory Of Change




MCAPP’s primary prevention efforts are directed toward transformation. Our work is based on the understanding that child sexual abuse occurs in a complex interaction of individual, interpersonal, social, political, cultural and environmental factors. Thus, a child’s wellbeing can be affected by multiple areas of influence, increasing or decreasing the risk of abuse or victimization.

See the elements and processes of MCAPP’s theory-of-change in the attached PDF. Molokai Molokai Child Abuse Prevention Pathway Theory-of-Change Logic Model

Logic Model

MCAPP’s logic model allows the team to continuously clarify and improve the program’s goals, design, implementation, and evaluation. See the program’s inputs, activities, outputs, anticipated outcomes, and impact of the program over time. The logic model will continue to be modified depending on need and situational factors that arise. MOLOKAi CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION PATHWAY (MCAPP) LOGIC MODEL

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